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TELESEMINAR: Improve the Quality of Life in Chronically Ill Patients

Dr. Jeff Moss, a "dynamic and powerful speaker", shares from his heart the best ways to approach working with chronically ill patients using clinical nutrition and functional medicine. Grab a pen and paper while you listen and take notes! . . . (to read the remainder of this article, please log in below.)
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No matter what your skill level with Functional Medicine or Functional Diagnosis, you’ll use the clinic forms in the resources section over and over again. These forms will save you hundreds of hours by streamlining your data gathering within your office.

Bonus Materials

We will be adding in a variety of very useful bonuses. These are typically audio presentations, short videos demonstrating a new technique, or other resources we have used in our clinics.

Patient Handouts

A good set of patient handouts can save you a ton of time and effort. Patients like to take home information about their condition or their treatment. We'll be adding handouts on a regular basis into the resources section.


Using questionnaires in the clinic can save you a lot of time and effort by allowing the patient to answer pre-determined questions. We'll be adding unique questionnaires we develop to the site.

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Having good forms to use in the office to track your Functional Diagnosis findings is essential. We will be uploading and sharing with you a number of essential tracking forms that will help you implement all of the tools and techniques into your current practice.

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We know you're going to have questions so we've set up unique Premium Members-Only forums that allow you to ask questions. The answers to these questions form a growing archive of knowledge that will grow and grow over the months and become an invaluable resource you'll refer to over and over again.


At the core of your Premium Membership is Dr. Dicken Weatherby’s 11 module “Foundations of Functional Diagnosis” training that he has created exclusively for our FMTraining Center. Each module is composed of anywhere from 15 to 30 individual lessons. These lessons are designed to give you a download of information that can easily be implemented into your practice.

Dr. Weatherby gets right to the point in articulate and entertaining presentations. Please see the curriculum below to see the schedule of when these modules will be released.

This content is not available anywhere else and forms the core training material of the FMTraining Center. It is the foundation from which you can build your study and practice of Functional Diagnosis and Functional Medicine. You get full access to this training program as a Premium member of FMTown (monthly or annual memberships available - see below!)

Foundations of Functional Diagnosis Training Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Functional Diagnosis

As soon as you become a Premium FMTown Mem,ber you will get access to this module, which is designed to do introduce you to Functional Diagnosis and introduce you to 4 essential questions you must consider with every new patient. You'll be introduced to Dr. Weatherby's "Foundational Hierarchy" and his "Functional Diagnosis Funnel".

You will also be introduced to the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis": Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis, Functional PE Techniques, Functional In-Office Testing, and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

Module 2: The G. I. System

In your second month of membership you'll dive into the first system in the Foundational Hierarchy: the Gastrointestinal system.

We'll explore Functional Physiology of the G.I. the structures of the digestive tract and how they evolved to function and you'll get to appreciate how the health of the gut is so incredibly important for the overall health of the body.

This module explores the Functional Physiology of the digestive tract and you'll look at how the GI becomes imbalanced and the effects this has on human physiology.

You will become very familiar with the major dysfunctions of the GI: acid reflux, abdominal pain, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, etc. Then we move on to Functional Diagnosis and the many ways we can use the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis" to assess G.I. health.

We finish up this module with an exploration of the clinical applications and how to bring about a restoration of function in the GI based on the assessments you perform in the office. Treatments will focus on reducing inflammation, healing gut irritation and permeability, restoring microflora, optimizing absorption, and modulating the immune reaction.

Module 3: Liver & Detoxification

In your third month of membership you'll get access to the liver and detox module.In this module you will look at the role the liver plays in detoxifying the toxins your patients are exposed to in their environment. You will learn the 2 phases of liver detoxification and be able to relate problems in either of these areas to symptoms and dysfunctions commonly seen in your practice. You'll also learn the role the intestines play in the detoxification and elimination of toxins.

Using the "Four Quadrant of Functional Diagnosis "you will have the opportunity to assess the liver and an individual patient's detoxification ability and toxic burden. You will also learn how to interpret a number of essential Advanced Functional Diagnosis tests including the Liver Detoxification panel.

Treatment of liver detoxification problems will center around removing the source of the exposure, reducing the toxins in the body, and strengthening the body with appropriate supportive nutrients. You will learn how to implement a 21-day Functional Detoxification Program into your practice and you will learn the best methods for effectively and efficiently removing toxic metals from your patients.

Module 4: Blood Sugar Dysregulation and Oxidative Stress

In your 4th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will focus on understanding how the body evolved to metabolize glucose, fats, and proteins to produce energy and understanding the consequences of dysregulation in this system. You will get an insight into the causes of the growing diabetes and obesity epidemic. We'll look at the inter-relationship between the liver, the pancreas, and the adrenal glands in the regulation of biochemical energy.

You will learn how to assess the underlying cause of blood sugar dysregulation and the problems of hyperinsulinemia and oxidative stress using the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis."

Treatment will focus on the prevention of blood sugar dysregulationand the damage caused by oxidative stress.

Module 5: Nutrient Deficiencies

In your 5th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which explores the roles that minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and water play in human physiology. We'll cover the essential background on all of these nutrients and discuss assessment and evaluation methods for assessing their deficiencies using the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis".

Attention will be focused on calcium deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, zinc deficiency, B12 and folate deficiency, and EFA deficiency.

Module 6: The Adrenals

In your 6th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will focus attention on the physiology of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-hormone axis. We'll look at the many ways the adrenals become dysfunctional and examine the impact this has on human physiology.

You will learn the major functional diagnosis testing techniquesusing signs and symptoms analysis, in-office lab tests, functional PE techniques and of course the latest techniques for thoroughly analyzing blood chemistries for adrenal dysfunctions.

Module 7: The Thyroid

In your 7th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will focus attention on the physiology of the thyroid and look at the many ways the thyroid becomes dysfunctional and examine the impact this has on human physiology.

We will explore the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis" testing methodologies and will devote plenty of time to understanding the thyroid panel on a blood test. You will leave with a thorough understanding of the different interpretations that can be made from the tests on a thyroid panel and how they alter clinical treatment.

Module 8: Sex Hormone Regulation

In your 8th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will will focus attention on male and female sex hormone regulation. We'll examine the many ways sex hormones become dysfunctional and examine the impact this has on human physiology.

You'll learn the major functional diagnostic testing techniques using the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis". Finally, you'll be given strategies for managing sex hormone dysregulation in your clinic.

Module 9:The Cardiovascular System

In your 9th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will focus on the functional physiology and functional diagnosis of issues affecting the cardiovascular system. We'll explore the underlying cause behind hypertension, strokes, arteriosclerosis and other vascular conditions.

Dr. Weatherby will present cutting-edge information on the 15 risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. The majority of these can be tested for using the "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis".

Module 10: The Immune System

In your 10th month of membership you'll get access to this module, which will cover the immune system. In the initial lessons we'll explore the normal functional physiology of the immune response and look at ways that this system, when it becomes dysfunctional, can lead to allergies, immune compromise and auto-immunity. We'll look at the role played by nutrient deficiencies, hyper permeability of the gut, and pharmaceutical drugs. We'll also take a look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other viral disorders and ways we can use our diagnostic techniques to uncover the underlying cause.

My "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis" assessment techniques will allow us to assess the many organ systems that have an impact on immune function: the GI mucosa, nutritional deficiencies, liver toxicity and the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue. In this section we will cover the Modified Food Elimination and Reintroduction process.

Module 11: Inflammation

This is the final module of the training program. We'll examine inflammation and discuss the normal functional physiology of the immune response. We'll look at factors that can trigger inflammation in the body.

The Functional Diagnosis of inflammation will focus on testing methodologies that can help us assess the many different ways inflammation can show up in patients. Special attention will be placed on the emerging field of Cytokine testing.

Treatment will be focusing on ways to treat inflammatory conditions without just shutting down the inflammatory symptoms. Treatment will focus on restoring function to the body, treating the underlying cause and will not be limited to nutritional intervention, diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification.


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Whether it’s basic Functional History Taking Techniques or advanced Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis or the latest cutting edge information on how to treat the thyroid, your Premium Membership in FMTown will provide you the best Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition and Functional Diagnosis training each and every month.

As an FMTown Premium Member you’re not just getting a Training Program, you’re getting FULL access to site dedicated to the continued learning, study and practice of Functional Medicine & Functional Diagnosis. A site that gives you access to an ongoing body of knowledge that grows over time as new, relevant content is added to the center.

Here’s a quick look at the type of training content you’ll have Full Access to once you become an FMTown Premium Member:

Video Trainings

Isn’t it easier sometimes to just “watch” a lecture? The majority of our training lessons and programs will be in the form of step-by-step online video tutorials. As a Premium Member you will get on-going access to all our online video lessons available to you 24/7.

Live Trainings

As a Premium Member of the FMTraining Center you will get free access to all live webinar/ teleseminar training sessions. These are also great opportunities to get your questions answered.

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For all you auditory learners out there we will have audio MP3s of all the training lessons available for download to your iPod or favorite MP3 player. This archive of audio content will grow month after month.

A Growing Archive

Get access to a growing archive of knowledge. Each month we will be updating the site with highly relevant training lessons and resources - an amazing opportunity to keep your Functional Medicine knowledge up to date.

If you're currently using Functional Medicine or Functional Diagnosis in your practice (or are wanting to start using it), being a Premium FMTown Member is something that will become an invaluable resource for your practice.

Each month we'll provide you a tremendous amount of cutting edge information that you can immediately start using in your clinics to increase your diagnostic offerings

Patients are looking for practitioners who can help them navigate through the myriad of signs and symptoms they are experiencing and bring them back to a state of health and wellness. We feel that your ongoing Premium FMTown Membership will make you stand out as a practitioner.

We are committed to providing outstanding content that is highly useable, practical to implement, can increase the profitability of your practice, and is a great value for your educational investment. With the training center you will have ongoing access to monthly webinars, videos and audio programs. As each month goes by the membership site becomes a bigger and more powerful Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnosis archive and has more and more valuable content in it.

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with high quality diagnostic techniques, identify the underlying cause of dysfunctions in those systems,
treat the underlying cause with an individualized treatment that focuses on diet, lifestyle, exercise, and
nutritional support, and re-assess the body to make sure that function has been restored."

Dr. Dicken Weatherby,
Naturopathic Physician
Co-Founder of FMTown